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How to Pierce Your Belly Button At Home

You may have similar questions as How To Pierce Your Belly Button At Home and How To Pierce A Belly Button,or you may also seek several useful information about How to Pierce Your Own Belly Button without a Kit. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Fake Belly Button Rings,too. Read more as following:

To pierce your belly button at home, you'd need a piercing clamp and a needle. You would also need piercing experience. If you don't have those three things, you'll probably end up with an infection or a lopsided piercing.

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How to Pierce Your Belly Button At Home?

My advice is to never pierce your own belly button. Something could go wrong and you could get an infection or permanently damage the area. It is best if you visit a professional piercer that uses sterile equipment…. More »

How to Pierce a Belly Button?

To pierce a belly button you will need to clamp the skin to be pierced. Take a sterilized needle and shove it completely through the skin. Replace the needle with a belly button ring…. More »

How to pierce your own belly button without the piercing kit

How do you pierce your own belly button?? Without it gettin infected…. More »

How is belly button piercing done ?

You lay down, and then they stick the needle through your belly button. Then, they remove the needle and quickly shove the jewellery through…. More »

Does It Hurt to Get Your Belly Button Pierced?

A belly button piercing feels like a pinch and has a small amount of discomfort. It does not take long. The most important thing is that it is cared for afterwards…. More »

How do They Pierce Belly Buttons?

Belly buttons are pierced by clamping down on the skin above your belly button. A needle is shoved through the opening in the clamp and then replaced with a belly button ring…. More »

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  1. Yeah. says:

    All i want to know is how do u pierced your belly button at home? I don’t need all u guys telling me that i shouldn’t do or go get it professional done, all i want to know is how to do it!

  2. Amira says:

    I want to know some ways to pierce my belly button at home. And ways to get rid of the pain. Steps, pleaseee. Thank youuuu. Easy 10 pointtss.

  3. Jason K says:

    me and some friends are going to pierce our belly buttons at home. what do we need to do this, how do we pierce it, what do we do for after care, how long do we leave the piercings in, what can we do to avoid infection, and does it hurt
    we cant get it done professionally

  4. Chris says:

    I’m thinking about piercing my belly button but im not old enough to go get it done without parent consent. I need to know the best/easiest/safest way to do it at home. Please help thanks!
    my parents would never let me do it so i would be hiding it from them

  5. Jaz says:

    I really want to get my belly button pierced and my parents gave me the okay. However, the closest piercing place available is three hours away ! I am so not willing to go that far, so I would be interested in doing it at home. . .CORRECTLY !!

    tips, instructions, suggestions?

  6. Jana Matsuda says:

    I want to get my belly button pierced. I want to do it myself. How do I do it and what equipment do I need?

  7. Lowell L says:

    say your 15 year old pierced her belly button at home without asking for permission
    would you laugh, would you punish her and if so how

  8. Lizze.h says:

    Im sixteen, and ive wanted my belly button pierced since i was about 10 years old. I feel that I shoudl get it done and over already, I mean Im gunna do it eventually, so why not now? But I need a 14 Guage hallow needle to do it…. and sudgestions?

  9. Last says:

    i really want my belly button pierced. but im not old enough to get it done professionally . so how can i do it at home . do i use a needle .and does it hurt really bad?

  10. Destanie says:

    how do i pierce my belly button at home? what do i neeed to pierce it and where can i get it?

  11. Alka says:

    I wanted to pierce my belly button by myself at home. Any ideas about how it should be done? what to use? Etc

  12. David says:

    I recently got my belly button pierced by a friend, but she quickly ran out of the cleaning solution.
    I was wondering what/how I can clean it with from stuff at home.

    Thank you!

  13. Saki says:

    I want to get my belly button pierced at a doctor’s office. What kind of doctor does piercings?

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