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How to Take Care of a Belly Ring

You may have similar questions as How Long Does It Take for a Belly Ring to Heal and How to Clean a Belly Ring,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Care For Belly Button Rings. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Belly Button Rings,too. Read more as following:

To take care of belly ring you will need to keep it clean and sterile. You will want to take out the ring on a regular basis and clean it well.

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How long does it take for a belly ring to heal?

It can take as little as 4 weeks, to completely heal 6-8 weeks, provided nothing during that time irritates/pulls at it in any way. But it can take longer for the crud to stop flowing out. <br /> Bathe in salt water. Look it up. It’s done with a cup… More »

How to clean a belly ring?

Video Transcript. Hi I’m Noel Garcia the owner of New Age Body Piercing in Coconut Grove, Miami. In this clip I’m going to show you how to clean your belly ring. There are very simple basic rules how to clean a belly ring which is pretty much the rul… More »

How to care for belly button rings?

Video Transcript. Hi there. I’m Noel Garcia and I’m a piercer from In this clip, we are going to show you how to care for a belly piercing. You will need sterile gloves, saline, piercing jewelry, tissue paper. The best thing after… More »

How to take care of an infected belly button ring?

1. Verify that your piercing is indeed infected. According to, slight redness is normal for about two weeks after your piercing, and you should also expect to see some crusty material. warns that if your piercing appe… More »

How to care for a belly button ring / body piercing?

1. Keep your piercing clean. Clean it twice daily with antibacterial soap after you get the piercing. Use a cotton ball or cotton swab. Never use rag or cloth to clean it. 2. Use salt water to help the piercing heal faster. Add a little bit of natura… More »

How to remove a belly button ring?

1. Clean your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water. If you have any dirt, debris or bacteria on your hands when you remove your belly button ring, it can lead to an infection in the area. 2. Grasp the base of the belly button ring with one ha… More »

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  1. Rydia says:

    ok, i have had my belly ring since memorial day of this year. i’ve been taking really good care of it and i’ve already went swimming. it hasn’t gotten infected or anything yet but im not sure when i can change it. would it be ok to go ahead and do it or should i wait?

  2. Eli says:

    I just got my belly pierced and I think it’s already infected there’s always a scab around it and its sorta red. I bought sea salt solution and spray it on and I’ve tried hydrogen peroxide but neither of those work. Does anybody know the correct way to clean a belly ring!?

  3. Melissa Hillman says:

    So, i recently got a belly ring, and it is still tender. I am slender, but in no way muscular, and I’d like to know of some stomach exercises other than situps/crunches because bending in that motion hurts my piercing and i’m afraid it might tear or something.


  4. Jennifer says:

    I don’t know why, but I feel really nervous. I want to tell my parents I want a belly ring, but I don’t know what they will do! haha I don’t think they see me as the type of person to want one. I am 15 and want one for my 16th B-day.
    So how do I tell them?

  5. Zoey says:

    I am 12 years old going into the 7th grade and I reallly want a belly ring…What is a good age for a belly ring and Im talking under 16 and down.
    im very mature for my age as i dont have around a lot of kids. I live with my mom and dog thats it, no other siblings with me

  6. Tony says:

    I bought 2 false belly rings (to put on an unpierced belly button). How do you put them on?

  7. Coal_region_girl says:

    Can you please tell me everything I have to know about my belly button ring and how to clean it

  8. My Dogs Are My Life says:

    hi, i am 13 and i wont to get my belly button pierced but i don’t know much about it. so i was wondering can you get a dangle belly ring in straight away when you get it done and how much does it hurt? oh yer and how long does it take and can you go swimming with it in the first week or so?

  9. Zachary says:

    my belly button ring got infected recently and i have been taking very good care of it. i’m just wondering if i keep cleaning it the way that i do, when it will heal

  10. Sarah Elizabeth Grac3 Keating says:

    I have had my belly piercing for about 3 years already, and I took the belly ring off a month ago from today (June 24, 2013) how long will it take for my hole to close? Will it heal right? Will it look bad if I ever get pregnant? Will it look normal? Please answer.

  11. Potoato. says:


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