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How to Remove Hickeys from Neck

You may have similar questions as Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Hickey and Is There Anyway to Get Rid of a Hickey,or you may also seek several useful information about Can You Get Cancer from a Hickies. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to What Is the Best Way to Remove Hickeys,too. Read more as following:

To remove hickeys from the neck takes time and patience as sensitive skin has been damaged. Put an ice pack on it as soon as possible. Later you can massage the area gently and switch to warm water compresses.

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fastest way to get rid of a hickey

Not Medical Advice:You can minimize the mark by immediately applying ice on it or massage the area! Makeup also works…. More »

Is there anyway to get rid of a hickey?

Rub a pencil eraser over it for circulation. In a day or two your hickey will …… More »

Can You Get Cancer from a Hickies?

No, you can’t get cancer from hickeys. A hickey is basically a bruise. Bruises are not at all cancerous nor will they ever turn into cancer. If you have a mole where the hickey is it might become cancerous because of the mole not because of the hicke… More »

How to Remove Hickeys from Neck?

The first thing that should be done for a hickey is applying ice to the skin of the wounded area. After that you can try a very soft toothbrush and brush over the area. If those don’t work, try applying makeup! It works like a charm!… More »

How to Get Hickies Off Your Neck?

Once you get a hickey, you can get rid of it by rubbing it with ice immediately after you got it. If some time has passed since you got the hickey, you can try massaging the surface of your skin with a brush or a comb. A hickey is basically a bruise… More »

Are hickeys bad for you?

While it does clot the blood in one area of skin, and Dr’s will scare you by saying they coul…… More »

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  1. Emm says:

    How do you remove a hickey or bruise or from the neck area?

  2. Joleigh says:

    What is the best way to quickly – in less than 24 hours – for me to physically remove all traces of a hickey on my neck before my girlfriend comes back from her vacation monday morning? Please help with real answers. Thank you.

  3. Dude says:

    Basically, the girlfriend gave me a hickey on my neck and I’m trying to keep it hidden from the parents. Thanks for the help.

  4. Meli Jmzzz says:

    This girl i had sex with last night put a hickey on my neck and i need to have it gone by tomorrow because this girl that i really want to get with cant see it. plzz help

  5. Kristi N says:

    I want something that’s really effective. I know people will say you cant remove it its just a bruise. Then how do i make it look less obvious. If i can have it less obvious as soon as possible, thatll be great.
    Oh yea btw. My girlfriend gave it to me. I did not cheat on her x] haha.

  6. Iandro!d says:

    I have like a dark tan skin and I have a rather obvious hickeys on both sides of my necks. I need to get rid of them before my interview on saturday.I need some kind of a magic trick so if you know any old skool remedies or something..please (with a cherry on top) let me know.

  7. Babyv22 says:

    I have a hickey on my neck and all day I’ve been hiding from everyone by wearing a sweat shirt but I have school tomorrow. Any Tips?

  8. Henry says:

    I kiss my boyfriend and he likes to kiss my neck a lot. What is a temporary fix to hide them, or a quicker way to remove them? Thanks in advance!

  9. Bri says:

    Both of my parents already saw it on my neck after I tried to cover it with makeup. Since it is summer turtlenecks wont suffice for a solution. Im now trying to hide it from my employer because I work around grade school children. HELP!

  10. Marissa says:

    ok so i got a few hickeys on my neck.
    Anyways i just don’t want my family and other people to see it. I know its trashy.
    i know you can used makeup but sometimes you can still see it.
    what else can i used?

  11. Hassan says:

    So the gf gave me a hickey or two and I’m not complaining except for the fact i have school tommorow. So if you guys have or know of any techniques that work I’m all ears. Thanks.

  12. Halloa says:

    I got one on my neck and i need away to either hide it or make it go away!!

  13. Shauniee says:

    how to remove a hickey from your neck? suggestions!?

  14. Lovemyhorse says:

    i have been having a hickey in my neck for 3 days now its going away little by little but i want it gone by today!!!!!! Any tips thanks?? ;)

  15. Ilikeit says:

    Two of my friends gave me one as a joke and they are really noticeable :/ any really good methods of removing them or covering them up please, I don’t want my family to see… by the way there both on my neck.

  16. Barca says:

    thank you

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