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Can an overdose of sleeping pills kill you?

It is possible, but today’s prescription sleeping pills don’t carry the same risks of lethal overdoses as past sleeping pills! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Madonna Reply:

    For the most part, human medication is not safe for pets and it is best that you ask Even within pet medication, however, there is the possibility of overdosing a pet The substances in sleeping pills can begin to build up in the pet's system Source:

  2. Kenneth Reply:

    Yes. But an overdose of life will work quicker.

  3. Lean Reply:

    Consult your doctor. If it exceeds the doctor’s instruction, how many to take, it is overdose. Source:

  4. Lacey Reply:

    Sleeping pills are a form of sedatives that are used to treat sleeping issues such as insomnia. Though not all sleeping pill overdoses are intentional, there can be serious risks involved when taking sleeping pills. In a study done by the A… Source:

  5. My Reply:

    Overdose on sleeping pills can be especially dangerous by creating decreased lung capacity due to those with sleep apnea. Source:

  6. Petronila Reply:

    HI, i need to know that if taken in overdose can what sort of medication that actually result in death ? other then sleeping pills. does retinal overdose can kill ? o

  7. Kathe Reply:

    They can, sleeping pills are very dangerous no matter what! and you should not be on them unless supervised by a doctor! if you want to commit suicide, please dont and call a help line!90% of people who commit suicide regret it in the last few seconds! So please dont!Hope this helps Cheers

  8. Angie Reply:

    Can you overdose on sleeping pills? Yes you can easily take a overdose of sleeping pills. Can too many sleeping pills kill you? Taking too much of a lot of

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