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Can sleeping pills kill you?

With today’s new class of sleeping pills it’s highly unlikely that you can overdose to the point that you kill yourself! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Hannah Reply:

    I took 5 Wal-Dryl and I am wondering if I will die?

  2. Hanh Reply:

    Can a Sleeping Pill Kill a Pet?. Many pet owners often find themselves in a situation where they need to know whether or not a certain medication can be given Source:

  3. Lorena Reply:

    no, because I don’t take them. any medication an kill the person taking them if taking too much or being mixed, like sleeping pills and whiskey don’t try it. there is a better way to live

  4. Doretha Reply:

    Sleeping pills send a message to the central nervous system that it is time to sleep. Some produce a hormone, GABA that releases to the brain, telling it to sleep. Source:

  5. Hortensia Reply:

    because all medicines mess up our body. dont take pills. Source:

  6. Jacquelyne Reply:

    "What is the best sleeping pill?" is a question best saved for your health care provider. There are any number of sleep aids available, including over-the-counter options. However, if you can’t sleep, you may want to have your health care p… Source:

  7. Ada Reply:

    Is OD on sleeping pills sure,name of sleeping pills in India shot way to kill yourself? which can be used to commit suicide

  8. Marvel Reply:

    For Tylenol PM, the sleeping ingredient is the same active ingredient as in Benadryl! One or two drinks will not kill you, at least immediately! The reason Tylenol PM recommends against alcohol is probably more because of the Tylenol part of it! The active ingredient in Tylenol is acetaminophen, which has come under increased scrutiny for liver toxicity which alcohol can make even worse! If you are not suffering aches and pains, you are better off taking another OTC sleep aid or just generic Benadryl rather than taking unneeded painkillers!

  9. Callie Reply:

    Answer: Improve. Well I overdoced on sleeping pills before it's not fun they put a tube down your nose into your stomach. It's painful the whole time that tube is in.

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