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Can you die from not enough sleep?

The longest anyone has ever been recorded to stay awake is 11 days! So it is possibly that staying awake more than that is fatal! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lissa Reply:

    Generally, the driver involved suffers from a lack of sleep, and therefore may be distracted or How to Know If You Can Use a Dental Appliance for Sleep Apnea Source:

  2. Lindsy Reply:

    Lack of sleep will not actually kill you. It’s the problems that are caused from not sleeping that will. But it would take awhile!

  3. Yolande Reply:

    You need to schedule sleep just like you schedule appointments during your work day. Schedule a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Be consistent with your sleep routine. Make sure you go to bed at approximately the same time every ni… Source:

  4. Saundra Reply:

    Not geting enough sleep can effect your body in lots of different ways. It can effect your eating habits, your moods, and your energy level. Source:

  5. Floy Reply:

    Sleep requirements vary from one person to another. Teens needs about 8 to 9 hours every night. You’ll know if you need more sleep if you have difficulty waking up in the morning’s, falling asleep or if you start becoming depressed or moody… Source:

  6. Ivey Reply:

    hey was just wondering what would essay i think it should be the most fastest and / die during sleep? hey i dont wana die most unpainful way to die, just asking for a weird

  7. Harriette Reply:

    4 hours of sleep isnt enough, she wont die but her health will deteriate! her immune system will weaken and she will get sick easily! lack of sleep can also cause depression! if she is having a hard time getting or staying asleep for at least 8 hours a night, she might want to think about using a sleep aid!

  8. Layne Reply:

    Can you really die from lack of sleep? Yes, you can. Your immune system is weakened, and the number of white blood cells decreases, which helps turn sugar

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