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Can you overdose on over the counter sleeping pills?

You can overdose on over the counter sleeping pills! Do not take more than what it tell you! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Breana Reply:

    However, taking too many sleeping pills can cause a variety of side effects and, should consider taking over-the-counter alternatives such as Benadryl or Unisom . Following the directions on the packaging will help you avoid an overdose. Source:

  2. Tamara Reply:

    Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are drugs that do not require a prescription and can In fact, actor Heath Ledger died as a result of an overdose of over-the- counter pills. Therapists at drug rehab facilities can help you to identify any underlying The actor Heath Ledger died as a result of taking too many sleeping pills. Do

  3. Hwa Reply:

    Easy Source:

  4. Mertie Reply:

    Right now the best one I have seen that is FDA approved is the Alli, but please check with your doctor first. Source:

  5. Kaye Reply:

    You can overdose on ANY drug. The consequences vary, but if you down a whole bottle of just about anything, it is likely to kill you. The long and short of it is, follow the instructions on the bottle, unless you really enjoy long, possibly… Source:

  6. Katie Reply:

    Is it possible to overdose (fatally) from over the counter sleeping pills? I am referring to over the counter sleeping pills containing the active ingredient diphenhydramine.

  7. Stefani Reply:

    Unfortunately!!YES, U can and when allowing over the counter sleeping type pills to be sold, the Chemist should see u first and ask a few questions!Some countries do NOT permit the sales without a doctors prescription!They should NOT be taken with and in conjunction with:High Blood Pressure meds, Anxiety meds,Depressional meds and mental disorder meds and even the old plain Paracetamol!!!AND: Incidently!!some Info that is NOT widely known!!It just NEVER seems to attract HeadLine news! DID U KNOW???? that taking paracetamol to excess or using paracetamol for longer periods that a week CAN and DOES affect the LIVER!!and heres the FACT!!!More, repeat MORE!!people die each year from Liver disease caused by overuse of paracetamol than Heart attacks!!NOW, I am SURE there are going to be many who will dispute that piece of trivia news!!BUT!!Its NOT Trivia!!Its actually REAL!

  8. Magen Reply:

    One's organs cease to function, though clinical brain death can be prolonged. .. 100%), where an overdose of a former sleeping pill active agent Nembutal was used A typical drug overdose uses random prescription and over-the-counter

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