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How can i change my sleeping pattern?

To Develop a bedtime routine,stop studying and don’t get into any stimulating discussions or activities a half hour or MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Adina Reply:

    Work or school can demand us to change sleeping patterns. If you find a job working second or third shift, you will probably have to dramatically change your Source:

  2. Claretta Reply:

    I’ve had this problem too. One of the biggest problems with the American sleep track is that people don’t take in enough Niacin, which is a B Vitamin that helps to regulate sleep. Tryptophan (sp?), commonly found in milk and turkey, can als

  3. Chrissy Reply:

    Step one is to analyze your sleeping pattern already as it is. Most of us can say we’re on a normal time schedule, sleeping at night and up during the day. Determine which sleeping pattern you have (night or day sleeping) and keep it in you… Source:

  4. Carl Reply:

    Get up early in the morning when the baby awakes. You will need to at least allow the baby to reach a couple months of age. Proceed with your normal routine. When the baby normally goes to sleep for the first time, excite or arouse him or h… Source:

  5. Lashell Reply:

    Changing sleeping patterns can be quite difficult, especially when trying to get up early in the morning when you are a night owl. Work or school can demand us to change sleeping patterns. If you find a job working second or third shift, yo… Source:

  6. Venessa Reply:

    How can I change my sleeping pattern? I’ve had 8 week on school school on the 28th of holidays, and I go back to January (Australia). For the past 8 weeks, I’ve been going to

  7. Chantel Reply:

    That is typical of newborns! Think about when you were pregnant and the times that the baby was most active–he was probably quiet for most of the day and more active at night! He isnt going to change his patterns automatically just because he has been born!Lack of sleep just goes with the territory of having a newborn! You can try rocking him or getting a white noise machine, but he might do better to sleep in your bed with you for a little while! Just make sure you take the necessary precautions so that you are cosleeping safely!EDIT: Oh, I thought from your opening post that it was your baby–didnt realize it was your parents! In any case, the advice still remains the same, except for having the baby sleep with your mom and stepdad instead of you!

  8. Domonique Reply:

    How can i change my sleeping pattern? Answer It! Can you change a hamsters sleeping pattern? How does heroin change one's sleeping pattern?

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