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How can you make someone sleep talk?

There really is no way to cause someone to talk in their sleep! Many doctors believe that this condition is usually the result of a side effect of certain medications, as well as fever or stress! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sonya Reply:

    Why Do People Talk in Their Sleep?. Sleep talking, also known as somniloquy, is a parasomnia disorder that is harmless but Why Do People Get Divorced? Source:

  2. Pearl Reply:

    Learn from WebMD about sleep talking — also known as somniloquy — which can Pose a question while he or she is sleeping, and don’t be surprised if you get a seconds per episode, but some people sleep talk many times during a night.

  3. Ivelisse Reply:

    Usually some types of sleep disorders will cause sleep talking. Also if you are on a medication that makes you unaware of things. If a sleep disorder is the cause there are usually more symptoms other than just sleep talking. Source:

  4. Eusebia Reply:

    The number one way of stopping sleep talking is to develop a routine on getting a good night sleep. If you do all the things recommended for that it should stop your sleep talking. Things like watch what you eat before bed and developing go… Source:

  5. Viki Reply:

    Wait for your opportunity by being patient. The next time your loved one starts talking in there sleep, seize the opportunity. Make sure they are sleeping and responsive by asking them in someway to repeat what they have said. When they do…. Source:

  6. Kay Reply:

    Does your spouse talk in his/her sleep? Do you try to make in his sleep. One evening he was taking a conversation when he/she does? My ex used to talk a nap on the couch and s

  7. Toi Reply:

    My Mom used to do this to me! Just ask them a question, rather softly, and they may respond to you!Keep in mind that you could wake them up, which has its repercussions, or their answer might not make sense, because they may end up answering your question in the context of their dream!

  8. Dennis Reply:

    Most of the time, when you sleep-talk, your not really talking; it's not a language. Like talking like a baby. When people sleep-talk, usually they don't make sense.

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