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How many 5 mg sleeping pills does it take to kill you?

It depends on the exact medication in the sleeping pills, many won’t kill you in your sleep and instead will just make you very very sick, causing liver toxicity and lots of pain, in some cases followed by death -!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elizbeth Reply:

    Do you spend more time looking at the clock than you do at the inside How to Get A Good Night Sleep Without Taking Sleeping Pills. Many people have Source:

  2. Marti Reply:

    Use of this pill without sleeping will result in hallucinations. One may feel by valoem Oct 5, 2004 share this add a video If more than 4 are taken, it virtually erases your memory of what you had done the day/night before. Beware that while ambien can provide a good trip, taking too much (beyond 400 mg) can kill you.

  3. Claris Reply:

    Depends what type you have, If you have the bottle one, drink it all in one go, BUT if you have tablets put them all in your mouth and then drink them down Should work 😛 Source:

  4. Leia Reply:

    People have been known to take more than 15 mg of Melatonin and just been a little sleepy. It is a natural mineral for your body. Source:

  5. Paul Reply:

    because all medicines mess up our body. dont take pills. Source:

  6. Yvonne Reply:

    Is OD on sleeping pills sure,name of sleeping pills in India shot way to kill yourself? which can be used to commit suicide

  7. Kelley Reply:

    If this did actually occur as you described I would be reporting the Dr to the Medical Board!

  8. Avery Reply:

    How many pills of 5mg-Melatonin can cause absolute and certain death? (they also get more sleep by taking it, as do colicky babies to get more sleep, a fan directly on a sleeping infant as this triggers a gasping-to-exhaustion situation, So if you are thinking of taking enough melatonin to kill yourself because you are

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