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How often do people dream?

Most people over the age of 10 dream at least 4 to 6 times per night during a stage of sleep! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sheba Reply:

    By doing this, you will also get her to associate her dreams with you. 3 When a person dreams about the dead, there are often aspects of that person that have Source:

  2. Scottie Reply:

    i have dreams every night. and i can usually remember them or parts of them anyhow. if it was especially exciting or deep, i might remember the whole thing. i heard somewhere that we remember dreams up to seven secondds after we wake up,

  3. Providencia Reply:

    Sadly, there are no rules that apply universally to dreams. The subconscious mind does whatever it does. So anxiety dreams happen whenever and however often they happen. However, dreams are influenced by caffeine, alcohol, some medications … Source:

  4. Jacquie Reply:

    humans dream every 6 hours in there sleep in such notice as i think whenever you sleep or take a nap you dream , but you forget it afterwords. Source:

  5. Cassidy Reply:

    The average person dreams about five times per night. This happens during the REM, Rapid Eye Movement, periods of sleep. The brain is almost as active in REM sleep, as it is when we are fully awake. For more information look here: http://ps… Source:

  6. Annika Reply:

    I’ve thought that their dream would be to be the dreamer of the American Dream….think about it.

  7. Sindy Reply:

    I have dreams about co-workers and I do tell them! They just laugh! Sometimes, it is weird! Maybe, you are just thinking about that person subconsciously! And then you end up dreaming about them! I dont know about any stats! Just got to quit thinking so hard about certain people!

  8. Hee Reply:

    Why do you often dream of planes? it means you want to escape from your pains and miseries to a better place(dont worry, a better place doesnt mean you want

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