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Is getting five hours of sleep bad?

The average person requires 8 hours of sleep so I wouldn’t call 5 hours of sleep good! Thanks for using !! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alena Reply:

    After one hour of sleep, wake your baby gently and encourage him to stay awake for a your baby will realize that it's almost time to go to sleep when quiet time begins. 5 Ear plugs! crying aint a bad thing, it hurts u more than it hurts her lol Source:

  2. Flavia Reply:

    Never oversleep because of a poor night’s sleep. This is especially important the day after a bad night’s sleep. If you’re only getting five hours of sleep a night during your insomnia period, don’t go to

  3. Myrta Reply:

    Let’s take the mystery out of putting a child to bed. Remember that you are the parent. This means you are in charge; you set the rules, not your child. You can set the rules in a loving and nurturing fashion, but you must do it. Source:

  4. Alicia Reply:

    How many hours of sleep you should get depends on your age. The younger you are, the more you need. You should get from 8-10 hours a day. If you’re older like me you can live on 5-6 hours per night comfortably. Never go too long without sle… Source:

  5. Meggan Reply:

    The amount of sleep necessary is dependent on the age of the person. Most adults should get about seven to eight hours of sleep. Children and teens need about nine to ten hours of sleep. Source:

  6. Idell Reply:

    And tell now I can’t sleep L

  7. Elizebeth Reply:

    7-8 hours of sleep is considered to be healthy for the average adult! Sleeping for less than 5 hours can cause women irreversible metabolic disorders! Here is some useful information about healthy unhealthy sleep patterns and the risks associated with it http://www!healthmedicalarticles!com/less-than-8-hours-of-sleep-causes-irreversible-health-issues-to-women/

  8. Mona Reply:

    When you do not provide it with any — even a tiny snack — it gets desperate and begins to No, eating only one meal a day is BAD for your health. . To increase metabolism, eat a meal about every three waking hours (5 or 6 feedings per day). To retain a pound of muscle per day (even if you sleep 24 hours) you need

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