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What could be wrong if I always have a headache and I’m tired?

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  1. Annemarie Reply:

    This is why people get headaches when they are hungry. by not eating enough or eating the wrong foods and can cause headaches. If a person isn't eating, the blood sugar begins to drop and the body converts Why Do I Get So Tired After Eating Sweets? Why Do I Always Feel Hungry Even After Eating a Meal? Source:

  2. Selene Reply:

    Even if she?s still all gums, you can take steps t. I am also getting a lot of cravings, get very nauseus, and i’m tired/ sleepy all day. . pregnancy symptoms like backaches and headaches and food cravings etc I have no pms symptoms, and I am getting worried, I’ve taken 2 hpt’s both negativewhat could be wrong.

  3. Pansy Reply:

    You most likely have a cold with some kind of bronchial infection. Your best way to find out would be to visit a doctor and get some antibiotics. Source:'m-always-tired%2C-have-a-bad-cough%2C-headaches%2C-and-feel-sore

  4. Amparo Reply:

    The number one cause of fatigue is anemia. You could have iron deficiency or you simply need more B12 vitamin. Source:'m-always-tired-and-i-don't-know-why

  5. Marlen Reply:

    Poisoning from a spider bite can cause severe headaches, stomach ache, and fatigue. Source:'re-always-tired%2C-what-could-be-wrong-with-you-besides-common-sicknesses

  6. Mabelle Reply:

    im really tired 24/7, i have a headache and i cant shit what is times in the last 3 wrong with me? ? ive been sick like 5 months all different things! im not usually like this

  7. Vallie Reply:

    Try a good one a day multi vitamin and eat nutritious meals!Some times irritability is caused by lack of food and water!A white coated tongue shows lack of B vitamins!

  8. Odelia Reply:

    What could be wrong if you are always tired and feel nauseous and have headaches and gas and have gained weight in the stomach? Why do I have a headache am dizzy and feel tired? I confirm that I am at least 13 years of age.

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