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What do i do if im really tired at school?

A cup of coffee most of the time will fight off any urge to sleep! Or you could go to bed earlier! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sherry Reply:

    If you know from past experience that this won't work, you might have to go to extremes Be careful not to act too sick or they might decide to take you to the doctor. 2 Stay awake as long as you possibly can during the night. If you have to look up how to fake being sick to stay home from school then I'm sorry but you Source:

  2. Thelma Reply:

    I’m a freshman in high school and I get about 5 hours of sleep but I can’t help it. When I’m at school and I’m really tired, My eyes will start to "cross" and my

  3. Kenyatta Reply:

    To try and stay alert in class when you’re sleep deprived, try to eat a substantial breakfastand avoid eating high-sugared foods. Source:'m-really-tired

  4. Verena Reply:

    "Being tired" isn’t a legitimate excuse for missing school. As the previous guide stated, eating a hearty breakfast will help. Source:'m-really-tired

  5. Anglea Reply:

    Je suis vraiment fatigué Source:'m_really_tired_in_french

  6. Meryl Reply:

    Is there anyone in my child a suburb of Rochester NY’s school district that is sick school violence? I live in Irondequoit NY and tired of the in which is supposed to be. I t

  7. Marilyn Reply:

    Well you should get at least 7 hours of sleep, if not and you try to catch up on it on the weekends it wont work, try to fit at least 7 hours of sleep into youre schedule! It will help alot!

  8. Marleen Reply:

    What can i do if i feel tired and sleepy all the time and i forget allot? Go to your GP or Psychiatrist. Why do you feel hot all the time? Its Because, your really

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