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What does it mean if I keep dreaming of a guy that I like?

The reason you keep dreaming about this guy is because you are thinking about him before going to sleep! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Julietta Reply:

    Keep a journal handy to record what goes on while you are sleeping. steps and the same questions nightly if you didn't get the answers you want the first night of dreaming. What Does It Mean When a Person Dreams About the Dead ? Source:

  2. Berenice Reply:

    What does it mean if I keep dreaming about the same guy? There was this guy I dated once in primary school. I liked him for the whole of year 6

  3. Wenona Reply:

    Unfortunately we have no control over our dreams and you dreaming of your ex could mean nothing at all. Perhaps though you may have some unresolved issues with your ex that needs to be looked into. If it is bothersome to you then you should… Source:

  4. Earlene Reply:

    Keeping a guy interested is a ongoing process as many of us know! Be a good listener. Let him talk. Find out what he likes and learn a little bit about it so you can ask questions. Guys love it when you do this! Is he a sports fanatic? Even… Source:

  5. Tiffani Reply:

    I truly believe that my husband and I have been together for as long as we have (13 years) because we listen to one another and talk our differences out. I believe that is the key to keeping the one you love. Source:

  6. Yi Reply:

    What is that family guy refrence the news guy, being in the pool..? is thats saposed to me where meg is dreaming about a refrence off of something?

  7. Claudia Reply:

    That really means that you still have feelings for him! If you dont want to have feelings for him then you guys need to talk things out! These jumping actions when you are around him means you must like him alot! These things really work because These things have happened to me before and these are the things that i did! And they have helped my love life alot!

  8. Bula Reply:

    It means you have strong feelings for him and should talk to him. There isn't a mystical thing behind dreams.. They're just toughts.. All you can interpretate from

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