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What does it mean if you wake up and your fingers are tingling and numb?

It probably means you were sleeping on top of your arm, and it fell asleep, but it could be a symptom of carpel tunnel syndrome! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Christina Reply:

    if your hands constantly fall asleep everynight and burn when you wake up… its carpal tunnel. especially in your thumb, pointer finger and middle finger.

  2. Vernon Reply:

    What Does it Mean When Yours Fingers Are Numb & Tingly?. Numbness in the fingers accompanied by a tingling or "pins and needles" feeling is a However, if you experience weakness, lose consciousness, slurred speech, difficulty Source:

  3. Isidra Reply:

    4 out of 7 mornings I wake up with my hands numb. the symptoms that you describe – numbness and/or tingling after waking from sleep In your case it is likely that when you are asleep, the position you lie in stretches the . had I not known what the symptoms could mean,and I waited till it went away.

  4. Telma Reply:

    it is an indecation of a heart attack Source:

  5. Victor Reply:

    If you have numbness and tingling in your arm and fingers, it’s a good indication that a cervical disk is pressing on a nerve – the reason your pinky isn’t affected is that certain disks affect certain nerves in the arm and fingers. Dependi… Source:

  6. Nichole Reply:

    Nutrient Levels If you experience numbness and tingling in your fingers, it could be caused by irregular nutrient levels in your body. You could be lacking calcium, potassium, sodium or vitamin B-12. Simple blood tests can determine if you … Source:

  7. Suzie Reply:

    fingers are very numb and tingling dark patch or discoloration so I am not thinking its? omly to fingers on one this for 5 days 24hr hand only they been like a day there is no

  8. Marybelle Reply:

    Sounds like an abcesse!!!

  9. Helga Reply:

    The most common thing that can cause your hands to fall asleep at night is though,especially with morning symptoms of numbness and tingling,and you have in a bent position,then when you wake up,you shake them to "get them awake." on your hand but when your hand falls asleep it means there is no blood in it.

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