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What does it mean when someone is your dream dies from drowning?

Dreams are the things that happen in a person’s mind while they are sleeping! When someone in your dream dies from drowning it means that you yourself has a fear of drowning! You should take advanced swimming lessons to overcome your fear of drowning! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gertha Reply:

    Nor does someone killing you and then praying to you for forgiveness. This means you died for your beliefs and you were persecuted and then put to death. If you thrive on action, bloom in a fast-paced environment and dream of a career Source:

  2. Kellie Reply:

    What does it mean when you dream about your friends having babies. [Popularity 1] See question. What does t mean when someone else dreams that you died

  3. Angeles Reply:

    It means that your brain was exercising while your body was resting. No more, no less. Source:

  4. Evangelina Reply:

    Generally speaking, such dreams suggest feelings of being overwhelmed, as in: "I’m drowning in paperwork!" Other people in dreams usually represent the self. Without more details about the dream, further interpretation is not possible. Source:

  5. Sharda Reply:

    The "someone else" in this dream almost certainly represents the dreamer’s own self. The dream is about feeling overwhelmed, similar to expressions such as "over his head," or "in too deep." Source:

  6. Anglea Reply:

    How come I had a dream Vietnam during the Vietnam war about a girl who was who died from drowning ? I was listening to an my wife in the dream song about soldiers of Southern

  7. Leatha Reply:

    Lizzie E!, do you feel abandoned by your father?? Logically, you know that he didnt want to leave you, but subconsciously, it seems like you are feeling lost, abandoned, and not getting enough love and understanding from your mother and sister, almost as if they dont care about your suffering! The dream represents your struggles to find your way in your life as it has changed so dramatically! You feel that you are being ripped apart by various stresses coming at you from all sides, and that there is no way back to your normal life! You have virtually been left swimming in a sea of agony, loss, and darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel!This is what I believe that your dream represents, Im not a professional dream interpreter, so take what I said in stride! Once you face your fears and grief, head on with eyes wide open, then you will be able to begin the healing process, and to stay afloat in the life boat, with the wind at your back, floating peacefully towards the sunrise coming over the mountain tops on shore! At that point your nightmares should be over!

  8. Ivana Reply:

    If you die while drowning, this signifies an emotional rebirth. If you live, then What does it mean if you have a dream about drowning someone? That you want

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