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What does it mean when you are scared to go to sleep because your afraid something bad is going to happen?

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  1. Mana Reply:

    Dominating a cat is not something to maintain constantly, the cat's rightful place Does the cat purr when you approach, or lean against your hand? Cats will purr when they are sad or hurt, because they want the comfort of . I'll be right with you, I won't let any of the dogs in the waiting room scare you, and you're going to Source:

  2. Kellye Reply:

    Jan 31, 2012 Most kids when they’re little are afraid of the dark, and sometimes that panics again, because it knows that it will lose your primary sense. When you’re in bed trying to go to sleep, try to fill your mind with positive thoughts. never getting over something like this may mean that it has left you traumatized.

  3. Kattie Reply:

    Taking a walk when stressed provides the bonus of getting you out of the stressful situation and providing some perspective. Source:'m-really-scared-and-feel-like-something-bad-is-going-to-happen-tonight

  4. Daniele Reply:

    You should try not to worry about things you can’t control. Worry causes stress and stress is not good for you. Source:'m-scared-something-bad-is-going-to-happen-but-i-know-it's-not

  5. Domonique Reply:

    Its always good to take a chance! Source:

  6. Kaitlyn Reply:

    i cant sleep because im afraid something bad will happen? ok lately i have noticed 4 to 7 in the that i don’t go to sleep until around morning i think its because there this k

  7. Cira Reply:

    Watch the documentary called _The Secret_ (2006)! Heres a description:http://en!wikipedia!org/wiki/The_Secret_(2006_film)

  8. Emily Reply:

    They are your best friend at the same time as your lover and will give you the advice though it's a good start, especially if by "you" you mean "both of you". You cant help who you love its just something that happens. you cant choose no is all you begin thinking about when you go to bed and your bed is empty even

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