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What does it mean when you yawn a lot?

If you yawn a lot, your body is telling you to go to sleep! The average yawn lasts 6 seconds! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Justina Reply:

    However, frequent yawning does not necessarily mean your blood oxygen What Does It Mean If You Have a Lot of Gross Profit But Very Little Net Income? Source:

  2. Steven Reply:

    But I seem to yawn a lot, even when I am not sleepy or tired. Also, I do admit, Is it true, that if you yawn a lot, it may mean you have breathing problems? . "Does anyone know the effects on breathing Coral Dust? I heard that

  3. Ashleigh Reply:

    My cat approaches me for affection, he will put his paw on me at attract it. I respond by talking to him and he yawns with his eyes half closed. If I stop he walks infront of me or gently paws me again. I will talk to him again and yet agai… Source:

  4. Zona Reply:

    Yawning can be a sign of many things including bordeum, insomnia, tiredness. Source:

  5. Isa Reply:

    they’re sleepy Cats normally sleep 20 out of 24 hours a day. Source:

  6. Pamula Reply:

    What is the scientific reasoning that makes a yawn contagious? When you see a person yawn you have to yawn why?

  7. Lavonia Reply:

    Ive heard about two conditions that might be whats causing that problem!!!your tear drainage system may be plugged,or you may have dry eyes and that caused them to produce tears all the time!You wont know for sure until you get checked out! I would do that ASAP!!

  8. Alline Reply:

    If you yawn too much, it means you are not getting enough oxygen through inhaling. What does it mean when a guinea pig yawns a lot? When a guinea pig is

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