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What happens if you lay down after eating a meal?

In order to reduce acid reflux, stop eating at least two or three hours before lying down or try sleeping in a chair for daytime naps! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bertie Reply:

    The causes for nausea are many, and if you are sick after every meal, you should When you have nausea, eating may seem like the last thing you want to do. Many people feel so tired after eating cake or cookies they have to lie down. Source:

  2. Ariane Reply:

    Heartburn relief also has to do with the timing and size of your meals, says The When you lie down, it’s physically easier for stomach contents to splash up toward Avoid smoking and avoid alcohol before, during, or after meals that seem to

  3. Leatrice Reply:

    simply gravity. if you lay down after eating, stomach acid has no where to go. the easiest place for it to go is back up your esophagus. where as if your standing or sitting up after eating gravity will take over and stomach acid will stay … Source:

  4. Elmira Reply:

    if you are referring to the horse laying down after eating you cannot make a horse lay down if it does not want to. let the horse do as it likes but naturally do not ride it straight after it has eaten. Source:

  5. Anne Reply:

    Taking a short walk or being upright helps your body digest the food you just ate. Lying down may cause you to have reflux (stomach acid comes up into the esophagus) or heart burn. If you must lie down, laying on your left side is somewhat … Source:

  6. Ashli Reply:

    when eating apple cider vinegar tablets 18 days and she wants, do you eat before a after a meal? my mom has been eating meal or a little hwile apple cider vinegar tablets for

  7. Karissa Reply:

    Not to give a lecture, but you say that you are smart, but what you are doing is not smart at all! I understand being busy with school and not having time to go see a doctor about sicknesses (i went through that) but, take it from me, if you REALLY want help GO TO A PROFESSIONAL! Nothing anyone says online is going to help you get better! Especially if you really have been dealing with this for three years! If I hadnt taken a little time off from school and work to see a doctor, I could be dead right now, DONT make that mistake! IT IS possible for you to get help, but you have to be smart and be a self-advocate!

  8. Daniella Reply:

    What happen to your body 3 days without water? if you are referring to the horse laying down after eating you cannot make a horse lay down if it does not want

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