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What is the best way to sleep when you are on your period?

Are you experiencing discomfort in certain positions or are you asking if there is a certain position you should be sleeping in?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. haley Reply:

    I sleep flat on my back with music on low and my feet elevated a lil bit.. It helps me with the pain…of that’s any help for u.

  2. Clorinda Reply:

    The Best Way to Sleep With Nasal Congestion. Using it just before bedtime clears congestion for a period, thus allowing you to sleep better. When you sleep on your back the mouth usually falls open and this causes the mouth and nasal Source:

  3. Juana Reply:

    i had horrible experiences with my period before having my surgery to stop it completely b/c i was losing too much blood and actually ended up in the hospital for it twice. i flowed so heavily that i used to have to use the heavy duty over-

  4. Caryn Reply:

    The periodic table of elements, which orders chemical elements (atoms) by their atomic weight, was devised by Dmitri Mendeleev and first published in 1869. That first periodic table had 63 elements, which Mendeleev organized in a grid or ta… Source:

  5. Bambi Reply:

    Proper sleep not only restores beauty but also rests the brain and other senses. Reddish eyes, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness all increase when we do not sleep well. A good night sleep is the best cure. If you have good skin then night sle… Source:

  6. Irish Reply:

    The unhealthy effects of insomnia can be relieved by trying a few of these steps. This is advise for those seeking a natural solution that does not involve drugs or remedies. Don’t bring your work to your bed. It is important to keep your w… Source:

  7. Dalia Reply:

    Im showing multiple signs of pregnancy; tender breast,headaches,lower back pains,cramping,sleep more and missed period. However my period came on two weeks early and twice thi

  8. Karrie Reply:

    i stay on my sides all night or i sleep on my tummy!the best thing to do if your period is really heavy is change your pad right before you fall asleep or get into bed!then if you get up in the middle of the night and have to pee change it then!thats what i use to do before my periods turned ultra light!change as often as you can!have fun

  9. Britney Reply:

    While your body is laying down, no matter what you are doing, it blocks the blood from your period to leave the uterus. What is the best position to sleep in

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