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What should I do if it’s one in the morning and I can’t sleep and its cold?

Crazy Kim Kardashian Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jama Reply:

    If you can't stay awake long enough to read it, make sure to bookmark it so you 1. The best technique to make yourself stay awake while reading is to train Do a few jumping jacks, drink some coffee, and take a cold shower. Eventually, your brain will learn its new clues and stop triggering the getting-ready-to-sleep Source:

  2. Kathie Reply:

    A: One crushes boats and the other brushes coats! Q: What kind of A: The poor old penguins can’t go south for the winter. Q: What’s another name for ice? A: Skid stuff! Q: How do you keep from getting cold feet? A: Don’t go If you don’t get orange juice, it’s a walrus. Q: Why didn’t the tourist in the Arctic get any sleep?

  3. Valorie Reply:

    You can’t. Sleep and morning do not rhyme with each other. Source:

  4. Carissa Reply:

    ice can cause plant loss by the plant being frozen and cracking into pieces Source:

  5. Vida Reply:

    Tummy sleeping is not safe for babies. Even though 20 years ago, this was completely acceptable, and even advised, new research indicates that babies should not sleep on their stomachs. By following this simple advice, the risk of potential… Source:

  6. Sasha Reply:

    i heard a song this morning where “on a cold ass night ill on vh1 and the lyrics sleep alone…”? and there were a couple more phrases like “dont play me like that” “im bette

  7. Frankie Reply:

    My opinion (and Im not a vet, or vet tech or anything!! just have owned a couple of dogs!) It sounds like you didnt gradually ease him onto his new food! Puppies have very sensitive tummies! It should take a week to change from one food to another! Something a lot of people dont know if you over or under feed your puppy its poop will be soft! So you need to experiment and find out what the right amount is (there will be an approx on the bag)! Since the dog is so young, it could be an enzyme or something else causing it too! I would call the vets and tell them that he is throwing up, as that is a cause of concern! The vet wouldnt know that you were having problems with his health when you called and would tell you to come in at 8 weeks as that is when their vacs start! I would be really concerned as his state is getting worse, and he is not playful! One major sign of concern and knowing that something is wrong with your puppy is if it stops playing! Doesnt hurt to call the vets and ask to come in! I would also suggest getting an all natural food for him! One without any fillers!

  8. Nilda Reply:

    If you still feel attracted when your lust is satisfied, then it's love. trolling for tail with your buddies on Friday night, you then call her at 1 a.m. for some drunken action. And if she's not there, you can't get her off your mind and sneak off to give her a quick "I miss you" phone call. Lust is when you want to sleep with them.

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