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Why are my teeth slimy in the morning?

That’s plaque! Plaque is a sticky film of living and dead bacteria that grows on your teeth! When plaque isn’t removed, it can harden-50 percent within 48 hours, becoming rock hard after 12 days! Brush well! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tawana Reply:

    to give our romantic partner a big kiss in the morning before brushing our teeth because Saliva consists of antibodies; muco-proteins, which create the slimy If you are diabetic and your disease is poorly controlled, this can result in dry Source:

  2. Hyacinth Reply:

    January 13, 2011 7:06 AM Crest ProHealth + Act mouthwash = slime within 15 minutes. Gross! It happens only after brushing my teeth.

  3. Gerri Reply:

    The "slime" on your teeth is actually produced by bacteria on the tongue. You can often see this bacteria as "white stuff" especially on the back of your tongue. This white stuff is often called soft plaque. The bacteria produce the soft pl… Source:

  4. Felicidad Reply:

    Quite simply, during the daytime, the baby is likely more engaged with and distracted by things going on around him or her. Even though the baby might still feel some of the discomfort or pain, there are enough other stimuli to shift the ba… Source:

  5. Eleanora Reply:

    At night is definitely better because you’ll not gonna eat anything til morning and your teeth produces acid. It will mix with the food in between and on the teeth and will build a layer on top of your teeth and as a result, it might harm y… Source:

  6. Santos Reply:

    Why do your teeth feel slimy, they took it all the way off and the was when you get your braces broke a bracket and when off? about a month ago i i went to the ortho no metal

  7. Klara Reply:

    Yes, yes, yes! I am a dental hygienist! What you are feeling on your teeth is called biofilm, also known as plaque! What is biofilm or plaque?? It is made up of bacteria that have been multiplying in your mouth! The bacteria produces a protective slime layer around itself so that it will stick even when you drink, rinse or chew! This bacteria colony grows its and produces acid as it digests food! This is what causes tooth decay! It will harden into calculus, also called tartar! The reason you notice it so much when you wake up is that there is that there a longer amount of time that the bacteria is reproducing while you are sleeping! If you are a mouth breather you will build up biofilm faster! It is very important for you to remove as much plaque as possible before bed by thoroughly brushing and flossing! Tne less bacteria to start with the less there will be in the morning as it grows exponentially! In the morning you should brush all this biofilm off! You will build up biofilm at night and you need to get it off in the morning to start off fresh! What about the color?? Well, certain bacteria cause the biofilm to be different colors! I have seen yellow, orange and even green! You can talk to your dentist about getting a strong prescription rinse to kill bacteria and it may help wipe out these bacteria so your biofilm will have a less colored appearance! If you would like more info from me or have more specific questions that I didnt answer here check out my website: http://www!helpmehygienist!com/

  8. Yer Reply:

    I confirm that I am at least 13 years of age. wrote the first answer to What digestive juice from your liver helps to absorb fats in the bloodstream 8 Feb 2012 19:59 .. and a recent slimy 4-inch stringy thing attached to the outside of your stool?

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