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Why cant you sleep if you have a concussion?

You can! People with concussion should be seen by a dr if they were unconscious for more than 5 minutes, amnesia persists or MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Catrice Reply:

    Ask the person you suspect of having suffered a concussion if they are experiencing If they respond with slurred speech, they may have suffered a concussion. This means that the victim cannot remember events that occurred after their head If the victim develops sleep dysfunctions, mood disorders, trouble thinking or Source:

  2. Karl Reply:

    Not medical advice: Avoiding sleep after concussion is a myth. If you exhibit symptoms, see a doctor.

  3. Malisa Reply:

    If they go to sleep, they can slip into unconsciousness, and nobody’s watching closely for various types of neurological symptoms Source:'t-people-with-concussions-go-to-sleep

  4. Samella Reply:

    Due to the potential brain damage incurred from a concussion, concussion victims are kept awake primarily to observe and ensure no brain damage has occured. In situations where it has, death may result from a person sleeping. Source:

  5. Audrea Reply:

    To ensure that brain damage has not occurred, if it has, the person could die and not wake up if they fall asleep. Source:'t_people_with_concussions_sleep

  6. Anneliese Reply:

    when can i sleep after getting sitting in the ER just a concussion? I havnt been officially been i have WASL tomorrow so diagnosed by a doctor because i cant afford to be for

  7. Louvenia Reply:

    Call this number:1-800-273-8255National Suicide Prevention LifelineThey will know how to help you and should know how to handle your situation! Its really tough when you have parents who arent very understanding! I know how you feel! Suicide is very serious and shouldnt be taken lightly and its good that youre seeking help! The fact that the migraine pills dont work might mean they are brought upon by psychological issues, Im not totally sure, though! Its obvious youre parents are not going to help and are ignorant on the matter of depression and suicide, so I wouldnt bother asking them for help, they will only make the situation worse for you! Do whats best for YOU, not anyone else, and call this number! I hope everything works out for you!

  8. Brianna Reply:

    Why cant you sleep after concussion? it is entirely ok to sleep after a minor concussion- if that is all you have. try remember your last name/first name/phone

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