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Why do I keep waking up right after I fall asleep?

Sleep onset insomnia: you find it hard to fall asleep! The average sleeper takes between one and 20 minutes to fall asleep! Insomniacs take half an hour or so! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Markita Reply:

    A lack of sleep can affect our reaction time while driving and other tasks, Alcohol, while it makes you sleepy, can keep you from having a continuous, restful sleep. Drinking too much of anything can make you wake up during the night to go to . It is when our lives get upset night after night with sleeplessness that we can. Source:

  2. Lyla Reply:

    Its causing me to have more breathing problems and to keep me awake at night. Are you experiencing an abrupt waking from sleep with sweating, .. The last time I had an episode of waking up like that came right after I got

  3. Elizebeth Reply:

    It sounds like myoclonic jerking or myoclonus. Which is where your central nervous system causes your body to jerk or convulse. Source:

  4. Jewell Reply:

    1 Prevent the early wake-ups by eliminating activities that contribute to disturbing your sleep. Poor habits that can cause insomnia include an inconsistent sleep routine, eating late at night, computer usage close to bedtime, or excessive … Source:

  5. Lecia Reply:

    Because it dreams nightmares. Source:

  6. Keiko Reply:

    How can I fall asleep again middle of the night? I’m not looking for answers involving after waking up in the eating right, going to bed at the same time, excercising, etc. T

  7. Maud Reply:

    There is probably either a television or radio that is on in their room or a baby is crying somewhere in the house! Unless, there is a definite door on their bedroom(not an archway), then that room is considered to be a part of the larger area! So, if you have a big, open floorplan and somewhere in that space is a noise-making electronic, they cannot rest!

  8. Alexa Reply:

    Waking usually occurs after a session of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Just about everyone That's why you often wake up from a dream, with a hard-on.

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