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Why do I sleep a lot?

Sleep may be a way of recharging the brain! Brain has a chance to shut down and repair neuron! Allows brain to reorganize data! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Josefine Reply:

    Why Do Cats Sleep a Lot?. Owners of cats are familiar with the sleepy lifestyle of their pets. Cats sleep an average of 17 to 18 hours a day, which means that Source:

  2. Suzanna Reply:

    Sleep may be a way of recharging the brain. Brain has a chance to shut down and repair neuron. Allows brain to reorganize data.

  3. Minnie Reply:

    Because he has a need for sleep. Source:

  4. Flor Reply:

    A baby is constantly adjusting to the world around him, so he can become exhausted easily. With new stimuli explored every day and the challenges of connecting to the world around him, a baby needs to sleep often in order to consolidate ene… Source:

  5. Cicely Reply:

    Plug in to tune out. Invest in some quality earplugs that stay put in your ears. If you don’t have earplugs handy, stuff your ears with cotton or bathroom tissue. Close your window. If outside sounds keep you up at night, it’s best to close… Source:

  6. Lucina Reply:

    Can I sleep in the car with a camper shell. I am unemployed and c I own on a privately sleep in a motel park owned parking lot … I own a pickup and lot? I own a pickup truck

  7. Madonna Reply:

    my friend was born with dark circles under her eyes, so its just something that happens! but conceler works wonders !

  8. Adriene Reply:

    Why does a male hamster sleep a lot? There are no differences between the sleeping patterns of a male and that of a female. Do cats sleep a lot? Yes, cats are

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