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Why does coffee put me to sleep?

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  1. Shanice Reply:

    Why Does Caffeine in my Coffee Make me Gain Weight?. Caffeine Lack of sleep can lead to higher stress levels and will also effect your insulin levels. Insulin Source:

  2. Yasmin Reply:

    Coffee does not cause addiction. The enjoyment of drinking coffee is usually down, and coffee are known to affect the alarm light, but that can not be considered an indication that coffee addictive. The World Health Organization said clearl

  3. Marielle Reply:

    The standard way to get a dog "put to sleep" would be to go to a veterinarian and they will administer a shot that will send your animal to the next world. Source:

  4. Rhea Reply:

    You can’t put a person to sleep without medications. You can encourage sleepiness by reading to them softly or playing some soft, soothing music. Source:

  5. Shanika Reply:

    To put someone to sleep just hold a boring conversation. But if you are thinking of putting someone to sleep for some sinister reason–forget it. Source:

  6. Tonda Reply:

    Why does coffee put some people the caffeine in tea or to sleep? I get a caffeine buzz of my friends to sleep from coffee. Why does it put some- when those same friends love

  7. Zana Reply:

    In some people with ADD/ADHD, stimulants such as caffeine can have a calming effect – enough so that they can fall asleep! The principle is that in a person who has ADD, their thoughts are jumping around from one to another, constantly engaging the brain in mental activity! But stimulants help a person with ADD concentrate one just one or a few things! So that they can concentrate on relaxing more to the point where they fall asleep more easily!Also – CNS like caffeine sometimes have the opposite effect in children, but I havent heard of a theory as to why!

  8. Malinda Reply:

    They tried to put me on Ritalin but that made me very hyper as a kid. Well, I couldn't sleep last night and I decided to try drinking a can of Dr. Pepper. It seemed

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