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Why would my nose bleed in my sleep?

Nose bleeding, or Epistaxis as it is known, is a very common problem across much of North America! Nose bleeds are typically caused by the drying of the nasal membranes, allergies, or a physical injury! It can happen while you sleep! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kate Reply:

    How to Treat a Nose That Won't Stop Bleeding. If your nose does not stop bleeding seek medical care. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, two types of sleep apnea My 1999 Chevy S-10 Rear Brakes Won't Bleed Source:

  2. Yolando Reply:

    12 hours ago "Strange question but would it be safe to sleep with my bf 15 days after now punched me with extreme force on my nose (the bridge) i bled for

  3. Evangeline Reply:

    Most nosebleeds are harmless. Nosebleeds can be caused from a blow to the nose. Winter air dries the inside of the nose and can cause a nosebleed. Visit your doctor for nosebleeds if they are difficult to stop or occur on a regular basis wi… Source:

  4. Angela Reply:

    Nose bleeds can be tricky sometimes. If you want to know how to stop a nose bleed, you need to apply pressure gently to the nose. Get a cool rag, and gently squeeze your nose often. This should stop the bleeding. Source:

  5. Lela Reply:

    Nose bleeds can be caused by taking a blow to the nose, picking your nose, and by heat. The heat can dry out the membranes and may result in nose bleeds. Colds, high blood pressure and even medication can cause them too. Source:

  6. Cathi Reply:

    How to prevent a nose bleed right before bed but i when you sleep? This morning i had a of the heater in my nose bleed & i thought it was because room. then i just got 1 think

  7. Idalia Reply:

    It could be due to dry air!!! try putting a humidifier in your room when you sleep and see if that helps! Also!!! mine used to bleed when my blood pressure got really high because it would break capillaries in my nose and cause it to bleed!!! but I doubt that is the case with you

  8. Angelica Reply:

    Does lack of sleep cause nose bleeds my adoptive mother follows the traditional Chinese medicine and she says that Lack of sleep causes nose bleeds

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