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Will you be tired with 2 hours of sleep or none at all?

A 2 hour nap could be more beneficial than no sleep at all! Sleep deprivation can cause you to lose balance, lose focus and to in extreme cases can cause death! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Taneka Reply:

    Be careful not to exercise too close to bedtime, or you could end up with too much energy when you least need it. 3. Do Having a consistent sleep schedule will help you get to sleep at night. 6 How to Get Your Baby to Sleep All Night. Tired of waking two, three, four times every night to soothe your baby back to sleep? Source:

  2. Aleta Reply:

    2 days ago You should not stay up all night just because you need to study; your sleep is the If at all possible, make this a two to three hour nap as this will allow for good rest. . These are all foods that will make you tired and sleepy.

  3. Michaela Reply:

    It depends on the quality of sleep, not length. REM sleep is more important, and you can get that during short bursts of sleep Source:'m-more-tired-if-i-get-a-full-nights-sleep-then-if-i-only-slept-2-hours

  4. Jerry Reply:

    Sleep deprivation, frequently changing sleep schedule, stress, and environment all affect the progression of the sleep cycle.MORE? Source:

  5. Mireya Reply:

    the other day i woke up and finally felt like i slept but every other day i wake up and i just wanna go back to sleep or cant even get out of bed because im so tired. i yawn almost all day and sometimes at night i have trouble breathing……. Source:

  6. Jessica Reply:

    why am i always tired i every night so i souldn get 7 hours sleep nearly b dat tired…i never have energy? and i drink alot of red bull

  7. Joane Reply:

    You could also try taking melatonin about 2 hours before you actually want to fall asleep! Melatonin is naturally produced by your brain daily and the pill is easily bought over the counter and is non-habit-forming! My roommate occasionally takes a melatonin pill when she cant sleep and it always helps her!If that doesnt help (or even if it does), I would suggest that you go visit your doctor and talk to him/her about your sleeping problems! That way, if the melatonin only helps for a little while, your doctor will be prepared for other courses of action!

  8. Gerda Reply:

    I did not get all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, only one, about 3 hours ago, which is the The dentist said to ONLY eat cold, soft or chewy foods for the next two days. .. The key is sleep ALOT and you will not spend alot of time thinking about all the .. that will make you tired!!! it's best if you have to have the guase in your mouth

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