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where can i buy tobacco netting

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I would try and find tobacco netting at you local hardware store, or maybe even a agricultural store. Try and check with your local blueberry farm and ask them.

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What is the net worth of big tobacco industries?

The tobacco industry’s worth is $246 billion. Have a great day!… More »

What is the net worth of copenhagen chew tobacco?

The net worth of U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, the manufacturer of…… More »

Where can I Buy Tobacco Online?

There are thousands of websites that are around that sell tobacco but you want to find a good price that won’t break the bank .Oklahoma Outlet has a huge variety of tobacco online at affordable prices. … More »

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  1. Departings says:

    Would like to open my own tobacco shop but can’t find a single sit on the net to buy in bulk wholesale.

  2. Wayn says:


  3. Panda! says:

    I want to buy some new glass tobacco pipes but not sure if it’s legal to have them shipped to my home.(they have carbs)

  4. Edric Ng [e.d] says:

    sanitize, clean, estate pipe, tobacco, pipe
    I’ve heard that boiling it can ruin the pipe…

  5. Kyrsten says:

    first time me & my friend are going to smoke it, we don’t want to smoke tobacco, is there anything else we can mix it with that is easily accessible?

  6. Kyla Webb says:

    I’m working in Taiwan and looking for Port Royal Rum and Wine tobacco. Haven’t seen it around anywhere. There are other rolling tobacco here but they aren’t very good.

  7. Cherish says:

    I just moved to a new apartment and i can barely tolerate the tobacco smell. Heard from the internet that seems this is the only product that works. I tried to order online but it seems it will take 6-10 days to arrive from the USA, just wondering is there any place i can buy that in Canada?

  8. Billy says:

    If I buy a 50 gram box of hooka molasses, how many times can i fill up a bowl?

  9. Whatwasithinking says:

    My brother is trying hard to help me out with my newborn. He just recently bought some Electronic cigarettes and we fought over the fact if he should smoke them while in the same room as my newborn. I just need to know if it is safe for him to do so and the facts to prove it.

  10. Xai says:

    I’m hearing so much things on the internet. Some say you get in trouble for possession of Tobacco underage some say you just have to be 18 to BUY cigs but no legal age to SMOKE them. Is there some law book i can read lol. Does anyone here know for sure if theres a legal age or not for that?

  11. Kahurangi says:

    This is for either a 50g pouch or a 40g pouch.

    Presumably the price of 10 lots ie 10x50g or 10x40g.

    This is to be brought back into the UK – so not from duty free.

  12. Sahkinah Washington says:

    Trying to purchase Tobacco Netting in Connecticut
    In Connecticut

  13. Bj J says:

    I’ve just bought some off my dealer today, I’ve been reading on the net that its synthetic fake weed, but this looks pretty real to me, smells pretty skunky and he claims his uncle grows it, what do you think?

  14. Surjz says:

    I bought a Silvertone Archtop Acoustic. I’m trying to find info on it’s age &model. Thru the F hole you can see inside is three stamps “57-619, P-6 & N-5″. It’s tobacco burst, two F holes, and the silvertone logo on the headstock is on a triangular piece of metal. I hope someone can help!

  15. David S The Best says:
  16. Jeff_cantilang says:


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