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how many people die from underage drinking

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Many kids die from underage drinking because of alcohol poisoning. The problem with kids drinking underage is that they don't know their bodies limitations for how much they can drink and they end up over doing it.

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What is Underage Drinking?

Underage drinking is when someone under the legal age in their state is consuming alcohol. The legal age is usually 21 and anyone under the age of 21 cannot legal drink alcohol. For more information look here: … More »

How to stop underage drinking?

1. Discuss the consequences of underage drinking with children. Do not assume they know the role it plays in accidents and sexual assaults. Start talking to children early before they start drinking. 2. Learn about community resources. Check to see i… More »

Why is underage drinking bad?

Underage drinking is bad because young people don’t have good stopping sense. ChaCha on!… More »

How to police underage drinking at a prom?

1. Be open and approachable. Empty threats don’t usually accomplish much with kids who are intent on violating alcohol laws. It’s often more effective to show yourself as a sympathetic ear, and then work from there to discourage kids from unsafe prac… More »

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  1. Michaell Haslbauer says:

    I am against underage drinking and need some ideas for a paper

  2. Alan L says:

    I all ready no personally 3 people that have died from underage drinking driving this year, So i thought I would do my speech on raising the drinking age (Which is currently 18 in New Zealand)
    What would be some reason why it should be raised. I all ready have drink driving.

  3. Schmoe. says:

    My neighbors have been very disruptive during the nights on the weekends. I’ve noticed they have been smoking a lot of marijuana and have been doing some underage drinking. They don’t seem to care when I tried to talk to them about it. How should I report this problem to the police?

  4. Junoi says:

    Obviously it’s underage drinking, but what’s the worst that could happen (other than dying of course).
    I mean if your drinking with friends.

  5. Tnman says:

    im writing my underage drinking speech for school, and i know all the facts and everything, and i know its going to be a good speech, but its lacking a good beginning, something that will shock the people in my class. does anyone have any ideas ?

  6. Omar says:

    What I mean is, if a teenager gets so severely drunk and is about to die in the emergency room, will the police charge him or her for underage drinking? or will he or she get to leave the hospital free of any criminal charges? Just curious.

  7. Nixra6 says:

    Just curious on what you guys think on studies that say 80% of highschool students are drinking. Do you think this is true, did you do the same thing? Do you think it is right that the drinking age is 21?

    Here’s a chance to tell your thoughts!

  8. Leah Smith says:

    i need the pro’s of the drinking age being 21 and the the pro’s of the drinking age if it were to be under 21?

  9. Seanie says:

    Okay, so for my video production class, we have to create a short commercial aimed at MIDDLE SCHOOL kids warning them about the dangers of underage drinking and driving. Do you guys have any cool ideas that will get the idea across to these kids?

  10. Love,nature,fashion,beauty says:


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