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How Easy is It to Get Hepatitis C

You may have such questions as Is Hepatitis C Contagious and How Long Can a Person Live with Hepatitis C,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Is Hepatitis C Contracted. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Hepatitis C Life Expectancy,too. Read more as following:

Hepatitis can be acquired easily through blood transmission. You can get this through sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, and needle puncture as well.

Is Hepatitis C Contagious?

Yes, hepatitis c is contagious. Hepatitis c can be spread through blood that has been infected by the hepatitis c virus. It cannot be spread through things such as kissing, sharing drinks or shaking hands.... More »

How long can a person live with hepatitis c?

On One Hand: People Can Live For Years With the Virus. Hepatitis C is contracted by coming in contact with the blood of someone infected with the virus. According to Hepatitis Foundation International, people can live 20 to 40 years with the virus wi... More »

How is hepatitis c contracted?

There are several ways to contract hepatitis C. One is by sharing needles when doing drugs. Another is through blood contact. This is a disease that affects your liver and can possibly be fatal.... More »

Is hepatitis c aids?

Hepatitis C is caused by Hepatitis C Virus, an RNA virus that is a member of the Flavivirade fami...... More »

Who Discovered Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C was first discovered by Brendan Arena in 1987. Hepatitis C is a RNA virus of the liver. Hep C is spread b direct contact of blood of an infected person.... More »

How is Hepatitis C Transmitted?

Hepatitis C is transmitted several ways. The most common way is by sharing needles when doing drugs. Also, it can be transmitted by unsafe sex or exposure to contaminated bodily fluids.... More »


  1. Logan Reply:

    i have just found out my workmate has got hepatitis c (he says c), could i have caught it from him and how easy is it to catch it? should i be worried?

  2. Celena Bussard Reply:

    So i was told that someone I care about (mom) has hepatitis c. I was also told that it is possible she could need a liver transplant. I’m just a little worried because i don’t know anything about this. Is it easy to cure? Can it be cured? Is this awful news? Thank you for your knowledge.

  3. Sweetie Reply:

    I do not have symptons of either Hepatitis or anemia, yet I always have a borderline RBC count. It was noted by a physician some time back that the cause of the anemia is the Hepatitis C.

  4. Biz Reply:

    What are the chances of getting hiv or hepatitis c from intramuscular injection?

  5. Haruka Chan Reply:

    Can Hepatitis C be transmitted by saliva or is it only transmitted by blood or sexual contact?

  6. Lil Killa Reply:

    What are the latest treatments for Hepatitis C?

  7. Sailorknightwing Reply:

    I need to get interferon treatment for Hepatitis C. I got via a blood transfusion in Mexico after a car accident. (Thats what we figure anyway)
    Thank you for the info>>> Have a great day…

  8. Sky Sixx Reply:

    I’m interested in getting a tattoo and people are saying that you can get hepatitis c from dirty hands? But, doesn’t the tattoo artist wear gloves? I am confused.

  9. Susan Reply:

    I know it’s very rare to get Hepatitis C from sex, but what if you lose your virginity to someone who has it?

  10. Katniss Reply:

    I had a possible ‘exposure’ on the fifth of this month, and am going to get tested on the 27th; totalling 22 days. I am getting tested for HIV and Hepatitis C. I know for HIV, after 20 days it’s like a 80% chance only, but that’s fine, but what about Hepatitis C?

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