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Are they bad for you?

If you are asking if acids are bad for you, I would say yes they are! Keep ‘ing! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Carlota Reply:

    Shellfish, including mussels, must be impeccably fresh when you eat them, or you The primary rule is to eat only mussels that are closed tight when they're in. .. Source:

  2. Myrl Reply:

    I used Pantene many years ago, but now I only use salon brands. But I personally never had any problems with Pantene. I’ve also heard that Pantene is really bad for your hair (that it coats your hair), but if it really was that damaging, wh

  3. Kristina Reply:

    Your bad cholesterol is known as LDL. Too much of this cholesterol can lead to heart disease. The good cholesterol, or HDL, can help fight off heart disease. Talk with your doctor about what overall number you should have for your total cho… Source:

  4. Digna Reply:

    Maltodextrin is a sweet polysaccharide that is used as a food additive. It is only moderately sweet and is considered a complex carb. It is not necessarily any worse than any other type of sugar that is derived from natural sources. Source:

  5. Shaina Reply:

    Smoking is bad because it pollutes the body with harsh chemicals. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and emphysema in adults. Smoking is highly addictive. Source:

  6. Golden Reply:

    what is the name of the, my blood pressure bad bad reggae/dancehall song where the fella says bad b bad b bad ? bad etc. i’d love to know

  7. Peggy Reply:

    They arent embarrassed because these people are the Christians youre talking about!

  8. Arletta Reply:

    They aren't junk food — they're just mostly providing carbohydrates and caffeine to the on the Monster Energy Drink List are particularly good or bad for you.

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