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Can heat cause a seizure?

Yes, a seizure caused by overheating is generally called Heat Stroke, in which the person does not get enough oxygen to the brain causing them to pass out! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sandi Reply:

    Yes, the heat can cause seizures. I have Anhydrosis, meaning I don’t have sweat glands. My body lacks the ability to cool itself. My issues with the heat started as a child and have now advanced to seizures. I’m not epileptic and it is not related to meds.

  2. Jo Reply:

    Heat & Seizures. Seizures can be caused by the neurological disorder epilepsy, or they can be the result of physical trauma. People who have epilepsy often Source:

  3. Cora Reply:

    Ι think it is better seeing a doctor in person to answer this kind of questions.

  4. Tammera Reply:

    Seizures can be a symptom of a problem called epilepsy. Seizures in children need to be checked by a doctor because it could mean some type of disorder in the brain. Source:

  5. Janel Reply:

    Seizures can be caused from alcohol withdrawals, drug abuse, or from an infection. People can have seizure if they’ve had a head injury or if a blood vessel is defective in the brain. Look here for more information:… Source:

  6. Wenona Reply:

    There are several different factors that can cause a person to have a seizure. Blood clots can cause seizures and they can also be passed down through genetics. Source:

  7. Rudy Reply:

    Is it a seizure or was for only about an hour or so. She had had water etc it because of the heat was at the lake and? My 9 year old pom had been in the heat. She started ro

  8. Sena Reply:

    Yes! It can also cause heat stroke and everything! If you are epileptic, heat can definitely cause seizures!

  9. Ilene Reply:

    Can heat cause someone to have a seizure? Improve yes it can to a point. the heat can couse you to see double whitch is a side effect of having a seizure

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