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Can Meth cause permanent damage to the brain?

Yes, the increased risk of stroke from the abuse of methamphetamine can lead to irreversible damage to the brain! Any Suggestions here?


  1. wMBaCT4ps Reply:

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  2. Dolores Reply:

    Addiction to speed can cause many short- and long-term side effects. The tooth decay may also be referred to as "meth mouth. high blood pressure and increased heartbeat, and it can cause permanent blood vessel damage in your brain. Source:

  3. Katlyn Reply:

    Yes What do you define as heavy use? The majority of studies done have involved users who use(d) at least a gram a day for at least two years. The jury is still out on whether the damage done by meth is permanent but it can be long lasting.

  4. Marline Reply:

    The Process According to the Mayo Clinic, brain damage can cause cerebral palsy in a number of ways, but it is most often due to injury to the brain or infection of a baby’s brain during early pregnancy through age 5. Cerebral palsy is a mu… Source:

  5. Anja Reply:

    Some possible permanent damage includes changes in brain chemistry, skin disorders and ulcers. Source:

  6. Annamae Reply:

    Brain damage can be caused by different factors such as a blow to the head, Lack of blood flow, Tumors or hereditary genes passed on at time of birth. Look here for more information:… Source:

  7. Jani Reply:

    Can the alcohol drink give permanent damage to brain or permanent cells by blocking the oxygen change in the body? I know alcohol kills brain… and kills hormons like testost

  8. Janiece Reply:

    Yes, meth can cause a lot of brain damage! It could get better over time or it may not! It depends how much damage was done, on his particular brain and genetics, etc! Seeing a psychiatrist that deals with addicts or people in recovery and getting on some psychiatric medication may be able to help some! Especially with his behavior of isolating himself which could be signs of depression caused by his drug use! A medication could help get his brain chemistry functioning a little more stably!

  9. Jennette Reply:

    Can permanent brain damage be caused from minor meth use? yes! it's very bad. Is brain damage caused by alcohol permanent? This site will definitely help

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