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Can people pass out from heat exhaustion?

Yes, people have been known to pass out from heat exhaustion! It is actually one of the most common symptoms of heat stroke! Thank you for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Krystle Reply:

    There's nothing like live music, but a typical rock 'n' roll concert can be a wild to a few crazy rock concerts has seen someone pass out from heat, exhaustion or Source:

  2. Verla Reply:

    A person experiencing heat exhaustion, he/she could pass out and collapse. If you believe that someone has heat exhaustion, get the person out of the sun.

  3. Eboni Reply:

    There is no real specified time as to how long heat exhaustion lasts. It really depends on the person’s symptoms. If they are not severe, they can usually cool down in a couple hours. Heat exhaustion can lead to stroke, so it shouldn’t be t… Source:

  4. Tatum Reply:

    Heat exhaustion occurs when the body overheats, but is unable to properly cool itself through sweating. When the body loses too much fluid and electrolytes and is unable to replace them, heat exhaustion occurs. Source:

  5. Carmon Reply:

    Heat exhaustion obviously occurs when your body has been exposed to too much heat. You may exerperience dizziness, nausea or a headache. If you think you have heat exhaustion, get out of the heat and get plenty of fluids into you. Source:

  6. Dominque Reply:

    whats the difference between heat exhaustion and a heat stroke? ?

  7. Vonda Reply:

    On the District, last reported month (June), only 2 people passed out unconscious! There was also 13 cases of heat exhaustion! Incidentally in the same month there was 1 heart attack and 2 seizures (all unknown if heat related)!

  8. Val Reply:

    Many things causes people to faint, blood,death,extreme sex, not to mention Heat stroke, dehydration, when blood rushes to your head too fast, and many many more. You can still be anonymous; just choose any username and password.

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