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Can you develop dyslexia later in life?

Dyslexia is something a person is born with, although it may not be recognized and diagnosed until later in life! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ericka Reply:

    Know that dyslexia affects more than just your ability to read, spell and do arithmetic. Plan a strategy to treat the symptoms of dyslexia to improve your quality of life. How to Get Dyslexia Help If You Think You Have Dyslexia–Adult Learning Source:

  2. Rickie Reply:

    Nope, sorry fella, but you can’t blame that on dyslexia (it is something you are born with not developed later in life) What you are talking about is a common occurrence for many people when typing. I think it has a name but I don’t recall

  3. Alexander Reply:

    Generally a hole in the heart is a birth defect. It can develop later in life from a form of heart disease. Source:

  4. Kathey Reply:

    Mild Allergy Symptoms: Rash, Itchy, watery eyes, Congestion. Moderate Allergy Symptoms: Itchiness, Difficulty breathing. MORE? Source:

  5. Claudette Reply:

    You know I have the same problem. I loved shellfish, but at the age of 21 I became allergic. Its cause is the first time you eat shell fish your body builds antibodies to the shellfish’s inherent toxins, now they will either build good or b… Source:

  6. Brunilda Reply:

    Can you develop Dyslexia later in the letters out of order Life? I keep typing words with. Like I spelled “Chat” – “Caht” this morning. I do it all the time. I guess it can’t

  7. Melanie Reply:

    Ive heard of dyslexia being diagnosed lor recognized later in life, but Ive never heard of anyone *developing* it after learning to read normally! Do you have any old assignments that you could look over?? If your old stuff has the same kinds of errors as your new stuff, maybe youre just more aware of a problem youve always had! But, if your recent work has more mistakes, I would definitely want to see an M!D! to rule out physical causes! It could also be possible that stress or too little sleep could cause these kinds of mistakes!Best wishes!

  8. Shelley Reply:

    It is believed that dyslexia can affect between 5 to 10 percent of a given . Children who exhibit these symptoms early in life have a higher likelihood of .. Orton later worked with the psychologist and educator Anna Gillingham to develop an

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