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Can you get high off of diclofenac?

No, you cannot get high off of diclofenac because it’s simply an anti-inflammatory drug for arthritis! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jenelle Reply:

    If you have OA in your hands and fingers, your range of motion will become limited due to Diclofenac carries a risk of causing heart problems and stomach bleeding. to treat shingles but some doctors use them for "off-label" reasons including arthritic pain. Fish and nuts are high in chemicals called omega-3 fatty acids. Source:

  2. Alexis Reply:

    Diclofenac is a non-narcotic pain reliever that shows no sign of being used as a recreational drug.

  3. Verlene Reply:

    If you are smart and want to make life easier on yourself in the long run, get high off of life. Find something to do that will make you a more intelligent person instead of burning up your brain cells. Source:

  4. Larisa Reply:

    You should not even try to get very high off weed, because it ids illegal, and you will most likely act dumb. Weed is a downer drug, and does nothing good. Source:

  5. Siobhan Reply:

    You would have to eat 4-8 teaspoons of the pungent nutmeg to get any possible sensation of being high. Myristicin is the substance in nutmeg which can cause mild hallucinations. It does not have an immediate effect; it may take up to 6 hour… Source:

  6. Tequila Reply:

    can u get high off diclofenac sod?

  7. Rikki Reply:

    Firstly take a deep breath and calm down!Done that?? GoodNow the pills you were given to sort your bladder or kidney infection (called a NSU or Non Specific Urethritis) have killed some of thefriendly bacteria ETC that naturally occurs in your body (which help protect you from infections) ie in your mouth and in your vagina so it sounds like you have another infection or two in these areas!See your Doctor who will change your pills- problems sorted!Non Specific means rather than send a sample of your urine for test and wait for the results to find the exact type and name of your infection and so give your exactly the right pills for that infection the Doctor rightly choose to give you a broad spectrum antibiotic which covers a broad range of infections this means you are treated quicker and hopefully recover quicker but in a small number of cases like yours this does not work!

  8. Kenya Reply:

    yes you can but you would have to take a room full of the pill and by then the side liver taxicity which means if you tried to get high off it you would be dead

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