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How and why do seizures happen?

Common causes of non-epileptic seizures are: low blood sugar, fainting, heart disease, stroke, migraine headaches, kinked (MORE??) Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mao Reply:

    Diabetes can cause seizures in your sleep. This can happen when a person with diabetes gets high or low blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels can rise at Source:

  2. Sook Reply:

    Seizures happen because there is an abnormal brain function.

  3. Denise Reply:

    A seizure is a quick surge of electrical activity that occurs in the brain and typically affects how a person feels or acts. While some seizures are barely noticed because of the slight effects (a feeling of pins and needles in the thumb fo… Source:

  4. Debera Reply:

    During a generalized motor seizure, the person is unconscious and has repetitve back-and-forth movements of the upper and lower extremities. The person may bite their tongue, lose control of the bowels or bladder, or injure themselves when … Source:

  5. Ozie Reply:

    During a seizure a person will become unconscious and jerk uncontrollably. While a person is actively seizing they will need to be protected from hurting themselves. Move any objects that they could bang in to. You may also notice that the … Source:

  6. Kenna Reply:

    They have never once done a described her eyes rolling back ct of her head and am an idiot. once i told the doctor have always acted like i exactly what happened and i and i s

  7. Amy Reply:

    Take this opportunity to learn about the causes of seizures which will help you help your students! Did you know that close to half of those with autism have seizures?? And did you know that thousands have been recovered from autism, my children included, by treating for pathogens and toxins! While mainstream docs give out meds to handle symptoms, realize that there are doctors who look for the cause and actually treat the cause, such as the doctors reversing the symptoms of autism! When those with autism are recovered, they also lose their seizures! In their case, they are also from pathogens and toxins! The autism doctors know so much more than what your typical mainstream doctor knows! Google B6 magnesium seizures autism to start learning things that you just never imagined were possible! Frankly, you may feel stressed about all this, but I am seeing that you are about to learn things that will help you help your students in amazing ways! I think that you can get your drivers license back when you show that you have your seizures under control because I know people with other health conditions who got theirs back when they had their health problem under control! Call the Drivers License people to find out more about it!After the mainstream doctors have done all they know to do with you, I recommend seeing a naturopath doctor to get treatment for the cause of the siezures!

  8. Williemae Reply:

    Upon cumming out of a seizure a person can be confused, disoriented and lack the ability to concentrate. Seizures can have many What happens in a grand

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