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How does crack affect a person?

As crack moves through your bloodstream you can feel energized, alert and more sensitive! But that can cause heart attack/stroke! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Soraya Reply:

    How Does Cocaine Affect the Body? As a short-term effect of cocaine ingested is constriction of the blood vessels, Lots of people crack their knuckles. It can Source:

  2. Dean Reply:

    Apr 26, 2006 Cocaine and Crack can affect people in the following ways: Cocaine in all of its forms stimulates the central nervous system. Initially, use of

  3. Yu Reply:

    You would think gravity would only have an affect on your weight, but it also affects your height. When astronauts go into space, they come back slightly taller because the further you are from Earth the less gravitational force is present…. Source:

  4. Damaris Reply:

    It is said that the order to which you are born will affect your personality. Should you be a first born, you will be strong and a leader, middle children tend to be forgotten, or quiet and the youngest are weak. For more information, look … Source:

  5. Karly Reply:

    The drug called crack, which is pieces of cocaine, are smoked in a pipe that allows the crack to be in the bowl and the flame to be held under the bowl. This heats the crack, turning it to vapors that are then inhaled. This is illegal and e… Source:

  6. Terrell Reply:

    I am aware that I have the slab. However, it has been repaired, leveled, and stabilized. The contractor that did the there is a crack in to disclose the fact that repairs gave

  7. Marketta Reply:

    As a teacher here is what I have observed in students that have used crack, or their mothers used crack while pregnant: they cannot remember things! For example, a student may work on long division for a whole class and finally get it! The next day, we start all over again because hes forgotten where to put the numbers or when to subtract, etc!!

  8. Marty Reply:

    How does crack affect others around you? The person taking the morphine becomes very sleepy, slow, looks like there half What are the affects of crack?

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