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How many calories does an hour of swimming burn?

It also depends on what kind of shape you are in! An hour of swimming the crawl stroke at a slow to moderate pace burns approximately 544 calories per hour! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Audrey Reply:

    How Many Calories Are Burned Per Mile While Swimming?. Swimming is Kissing burns 100 calories per hour, while housework will burn an average of 575. Source:

  2. Jame Reply:

    You can burn around 380 calories if you swim for about one hour.

  3. Georgiann Reply:

    The answer to this question depends on how much you weigh and how hard you stroke ;-). The more you weigh, the more mass you have to pull through the water and the more calories you burn/min. Obviously the harder you work, the more calories… Source:

  4. Frank Reply:

    Calories burned swimming for one hour I was told that you can burn approximately 450 calories in an hour, but only if you are swimming as if in a practice. That means you don’t stop very often to relax. You have to keep the pace going. Doin… Source:

  5. Roxanna Reply:

    If you weight160 pounds, you can burn approximately 460 calories if you swim for one hour. If you weigh more, you will burn more calories for that same amount of time. Source:

  6. Myrna Reply:

    How many calories did I burn brother. so i swam for about swimming around the pool, and diving. and awimming away from my for swimming 1 hour? i was just kind of 1 full hour,

  7. Janice Reply:

    It depends on your weight!!! the more you weight the easier it is to burn calories!!! my height is 51!5 and I weight 120lb my program says that if I breast stroke or free style for an hour I will burn 8!77 calories per minute, losing 526 calories per hour!!! Yes it does matter which stroke you use, because each stroke tones your body differently or different strokes can get your heart pump more!!! like if you back stroke or just swim for fun you dont lose as much calories, I would probably lose only around 340!!! I would say butterfly and the two that you mention burns the most calories

  8. Maybelle Reply:

    How many calories can you burn per hour swimming? It depends on hard you work but 36 doing freestyle. How many calories do you burn swimming? 10 every

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