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How to get a blood clot in your ear?

Circulatory problems feeding blood to your ears can cause SSHL! For example, lack of blood flow to your inner ears can result in permanent hearing loss in just 60 seconds! This could result from a partial or complete blood clot (a mini-stroke in your inner ear)! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Albina Reply:

    Blood vessels go horizontally, passing through the cartilage. Violent Inside the ear, the hematoma is made up of collected blood, blood clots and fibrous tissue from the broken blood vessels that are . If you need to drain your ears, try using. Source:

  2. Keren Reply:

    You might also have a feeling of fullness in your ear(s) and a headache. This could result from a partial or complete blood clot (a mini-stroke in your inner ear).

  3. Helen Reply:

    There are various reasons that blood clots form. One of the greatest risk factors for causing blood clots is surgery, as well as the lack of movement in your legs. There are also various blood disorders that cause your blood to clot, this i… Source:

  4. Eugena Reply:

    The platelets and the thrombin system help our blood to clot. When we bleed the platelets travel to help make the blood "sticky." They then start to adhere to the blood vessels allowing the blood to clot. Source:

  5. Rashida Reply:

    In order to determine the steps of blood clotting, these groups of test given by doctors, will determine how quickly your blood clots. These tests are known as a PT (Prothrombin Time) PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time) and INR (International… Source:

  6. Peggie Reply:

    My dad has blood clot in fix the blood clot? My dad has blood clot his leg, and he can’t take blood thinner, Is there any way to in his lung before, so they put a filter in to

  7. Oralia Reply:

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  8. Ira Reply:

    Can you die from a blood clot in your ear? Answer It! In: Health, Cardiovascular What not to do if you have a blood clot? not smoke or take hormonal pills. seek

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