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Is it better to run when its hot or cold?

You take more of a health risk, such as heat stroke, or heat exhaustion if you run in the heat! It’s best to choose cold weather and dress in layers to prevent being overheated! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Monika Reply:

    Add more if necessary. It's easier to add more oil several times, then to take oil out. oil expands when it's hot, so if your engine was cold then your oil level would be even lower. Johan Mar 18, 2011 and cools the engine. Running out of oil. Source:

  2. Shanae Reply:

    The Heat is On Running (and racing) in high temperatures means more than hydrating properly. Three ways to keep you cool and comfy on your next run in the heat. Beat The Heat Running when it’s hot isn’t just hard–it can be dangerous.

  3. Candie Reply:

    Make one hole in the bottom of each paper cup using the safety pin. Ensure the holes in each cup are the same size. Next place the paper cups inside the beakers (small glasses): Number 1 – Cold Water and Number 2 – Hot water. Add water to o… Source:

  4. Mathilda Reply:

    Answer not enough fluid, check the fluid level while the car is hot and in nuetral. Another thing to watch for suprisingly enough, is the speed sensor. Mine does’nt shift when warm, and also the speedometer needle won’t move when it starts … Source:

  5. Rachele Reply:

    I hate it when my nose won’t stop running when it’s cold! Your nose is doing it’s best to warm up the air we are breathing for us. Then it sends the warmer air to our lungs. That makes the blood vessels we have in our nose open up and that … Source:

  6. Palmira Reply:

    i have a combi boiler and my shower runs hot in how can i get it summer and cold in winter to run hot in winte?

  7. Shery Reply:

    well if its too hot you can become out of breath aand sweaty and just all over icky feeling! When its cold though it becomes harder to breathe as well, but you still would feel better than running in the heat! So i would pick the morning when its cooler but you should never trust someone elses judgement, because how you feel when you run depends on you!

  8. Alejandrina Reply:

    Which is faster heat or cold? Cold is lack of heat. It's like asking when the tide goes out, which is faster, the sea or the lack of sea. Is it better to run in the heat or

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