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What could suddenly numb fingertips be a sign of?

Compressed nerve, stroke, multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, and encephalitis can cause numb fingertips! See a doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leandra Reply:

    Most of the nerves in the hand run from the arm to the hand and fingers. Damage to the nerves can be a sign of serious injury or illness, and should be If the numbness comes on suddenly and is accompanied by shooting pain up the arm, Source:

  2. Lucilla Reply:

    Jan 5, 2011 With the symptom of numbness as well as tingling it sounds much more as if that would then be felt as tingling and numbness in the fingers.

  3. Anitra Reply:

    It could be bad circulation or a disease called Raynauds Syndrome (don’t worry that’s not serious). I have it aswell.… Source:

  4. Angelo Reply:

    Is there any radiance or tingling coming from your arm? If so, go to your doctor asap! Source:

  5. Barrie Reply:

    Depends on which fingers. Thumb, index and long fingers could be carpal tunnel syndrome or some irritation of the nerves in the wrist canal. Ring and little could be an irritation of the nerves at the elbow, like tennis elbow (epicondylitis… Source:

  6. Ulrike Reply:

    Why do fingertips go numb? I have my right hand middle fingertip numb. It has been numb for coverage and wanted to know 2 days. I do not have medical if anyone knew what was w

  7. Katharine Reply:

    You should definitely write, as well as swim! The only edit I might add is some additional paragraph breaks!no one in Para 3 (not noone)!Sounds great!

  8. Claretta Reply:

    These are all signs of impending heart attack and should be taken very seriously. Keep in mind When it's pinched, your hand and some fingers will go numb.

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