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What does it mean if the whole left side of your face is numb?

It could mean things such as MS, Bell’s Palsy, or stroke! If you suspect stroke, seek medical attention as soon as possible! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Oda Reply:

    If one side of the face droops or the person can't smile, it may mean stroke. Strokes cause mean stroke. Strokes cause muscle weakness or numbness in the arms or legs, usually limited to one side. Check the Joint Commission's website to locate your nearest Primary Stroke Center. Most people will not know what. Source:

  2. Lou Reply:

    Jun 14, 2011 What Does It Mean If Your Face Is Numb After You Exercise? a tingling sensation or a loss of sensation on either one side or the entire face.

  3. Jenise Reply:

    Ibeen to the ER like 4 times for left arm goingnumb and left side of face numb and chest discomfort the say there nothing wrong with my heart so what can it be? When the left side of my head went numb once it was from medication I was takin… Source:

  4. Carolin Reply:

    um, yeah i think you should go see a doctor as soon as you can man! Source:

  5. Asha Reply:

    Answer It could be "bells palsey", which is sometimes caused by an infection. You should speak to your doctor about it since it could also be a lot worse. Source:

  6. Lahoma Reply:

    Hello, I was punched on the left side of my face assailant Apr 17,2010. Witnesses say I was hit while my partner & I were trying apprehend an twice but I only remember being h

  7. Gertude Reply:

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  8. Earline Reply:

    Numbness on your head may be caused by twisting the neck while the body is flat on while asleep; the head lolls to the side with the face facing the left shoulder, the head rests upon the arm near the temple, but does not occur if the cheek, to 15 minutes and the entire right side of the head at the top is without feeling

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