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What does it mean if you have severe pain in your left temple?

There are many possibilities as to what could be causing the pain, anything from an "ice pick" headache to a stroke! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Denisse Reply:

    Have you ever felt the soft tug of intuition when trying to complete a task or looked at an obstacle from outside the box? If you have, that means you have been using the right hemisphere of your brain. The temporal lobes are behind your eyes, right beneath your temples. What Are the Causes of Right-Side Chest Pain? Source:

  2. Maxine Reply:

    Face pain falls under three main categories: nerve disorders, referred pain, and infection. Nerve disorders. It’s time to see your doctor if you have face pain and:

  3. Kelle Reply:

    Well the two main types of headache include Tension type headaches and Migraine With or Without Aura. Tension type: Caused by Contraction of Cranial Muscles – Occurs both sides of the head across the forehead and temples alternatively at th… Source:

  4. Tonja Reply:

    Maybe u have some stone problem inside.. Go for an ultrasound. Source:

  5. Maura Reply:

    There are lots of different conditions and diseases which could cause that symptom. Neuralgia, a nerve irritation, is possible. It might be a sign of referred pain from a dental problem. It could indicate a stroke or a brain tumor. Source:

  6. Emerita Reply:

    i have a question on a took sum over the counter sleepin pills to help regula pain near my left temple temple around my cheek bone between my ear and my area? a few days ago i

  7. September Reply:

    See a maxillofacial surgeon and they need to assess your TMJ or jaw joint for any problems and then put you on muscle relaxants! They wont cover dental visits its their policy to rob people!

  8. Lianne Reply:

    What could be sharp pain in your left temple that you haven't had for very According to my research, temple pain could be a result of a number of things from very serious to completely harmless. I have had sharp temporal pain a few times in my life that lasted from a few What could sharp pain by the left temple mean?

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