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What does it mean when you have blood clots in your brain? More?

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  1. angie Reply:

    hi am scared cause its 2 times that it happened this morning I woked up with a blood cloth in my mouth? it was fresh so please help me don’t know was happeing to me my dad died of a blood cloth in his brian

  2. Rafaela Reply:

    Blood clots usually form when you injure yourself. When a clot forms inside a vein, though, it can have an extremely negative effect. worse because the neck holds the veins and arteries that supply blood to the brain. These symptoms don't necessarily mean there's a blood clot in your neck, but they are suggestive. Source:

  3. Brigette Reply:

    Jan 9, 2012 If you’re like most Americans, you plan your future. conditions: the formation of a clot within a blood vessel of the brain or neck, called thrombosis; Having a risk factor for stroke doesn’t mean you’ll have a stroke. Men generally do not live as long as women, so men are usually younger when they have

  4. Shavon Reply:

    Its called an aneurysm. ==================== It is rather a cerebral thrombosis or cerebral stroke. Aneurysm is a delated vessel, more precisely, a part of the blood vessel, where the wall is weaker, delates, or "bulges". That could happen … Source:

  5. Leda Reply:

    A Stroke Source:'s_blood_vessels_cause

  6. Pinkie Reply:

    Blood clots in the brain can cause strokes. There are four types of strokes. Two are not related to clots and are caused by hemorrhage of a blood vessel or artery (subarachnid or cerebral hemorrhage). The other two types of strokes are caus… Source:

  7. Pamelia Reply:

    No food/water life expectancy for 51y/o male, in hospice multiple stokes brain blood clots, no brain activity? I ‘ve read al the variables,rules of 3 etc but can’t find much o

  8. Ione Reply:

    Yeah nice job :)

  9. Elisabeth Reply:

    Well if you mean you are age 18 and have a blood clot, it could mean many things. It all depends on How do you know if there is a blood clot on your brain ?

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