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What happens if your brain bleeds?

Brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke! When blood from a trauma irritates brain tissues, it causes swelling! This is known as cerebral edema! These conditions increase pressure on nearby brain tissue, and educes vital blood flow and kills brain cells! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maile Reply:

    What happens after a stroke depends on which category it falls under. If this takes longer than four minutes, brain cells are damaged and may die. of the head to determine the type of stroke and ensure there is no bleeding within the brain. Source:

  2. Shirely Reply:

    Jun 16, 2008 in movies and stuff. what happens if you start to bleed from your ears? when you have damaged something rapidly in your head/brain it kin

  3. Edris Reply:

    If you drink a cold slushy real fast you will see how a brain freeze happens. If you quickly eat or drink a very cold item too fast, that is going to cause a brain freeze. Source:

  4. Evangelina Reply:

    Implantation bleeding can occur generally about the time you would have gotten your normal period. Not every person will have implantation bleeding but when they do it can be mistaken for a light period. Source:

  5. Soila Reply:

    There are a variety of things that can happen if the brain is damaged. It would depend on the type and severity of damage. A person can suffer from anything from amnesia to paralysis, memory loss, a problem with motor skills or being comato… Source:

  6. Adelaide Reply:

    What is is prognosis for people with brain bleeds? My 55 year old brother morning. We are still waiting on suffered a brain bleed this results of tests. At this point his mai

  7. Retha Reply:

    If it is a small bleed then there can be minimal damage and a good recovery! If the bleed is large then surgery may be necessary to remove the blood clot and stop the bleeding (in the case of an aneurysm or AVM)! Large bleeds can cause significant brain injury and may require a long recovery and rehab!

  8. Leonia Reply:

    What will happen if hind brain is bleeding? What happens to your urinary system when you have a urinary tract infection? What is bleeding on the brain?

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