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What is a white pill with an i and an 8 on it that is oblong?

A white pill with an 81 imprint is an 81 milligram aspirin! Studies have said that a low daily dose of aspirin (exactly 81 milligrams) is supposed to be effective in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Amy Reply:

    If you look closely at a tablet, capsule or pill, you will notice that it has markings They can also be 3 sided, 4 sided, 5 sided, 6 sided, 7 sided, 8 sided, shaped like a printed on one side of the tablet which is white in color and oval in shape. Source:

  2. Evangelina Reply:

    It’s an over-the-counter 500mg Acetaminophen. Probably Tylenol Extra Strength.

  3. Astrid Reply:

    27 Jul 2009 Ibuprofen 800 mg white oblong Tablet Source:

  4. Annice Reply:

    It is a white oblong pill with nothing one one side and an I and an 8 on the other i am prescribed these i 8 pills. they are ibuprofen 800 mg. take with food! Source:

  5. Lorri Reply:

    It’s an over-the-counter 500mg Acetaminophen. Probably Tylenol Extra Strength. Source:

  6. Noelia Reply:

    please ID this pill white oblong? I found a pill, it’s white oblong with 560 on symbol like a pair of V on the other side open wings shape like a one side and a funny, Can an

  7. Gail Reply:

    Adderall is a stimulant and will make people who take it super hyper! Only take it as prescribed to you by a doctor! My daughter took 3 of these pills, 1 each day in a row, from a friend to help with exams and to focus but it messed her up big time! I mean really really big time! It kept her awake but then she crashed and slept for 4 days straight 23 hours a day, lost her memory of over a week and then for the next 2 days slept for 12 hours each day after that! It made her mean, unsociable and evil! I cant even imagione how much more you would be messed up taking it with other pills! This medication is for people with certain conditions and all other people should not take it! My daughter ended up in the ER from this crap so stay away!

  8. Cherryl Reply:

    Contributor trust: 8 [recommend contributorrecommended]. Question popularity: 1 What are the side affects for a white oblong pill? Side effects include:

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