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What is it mean when your tongue’s numb?

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  1. Dee Reply:

    What Does it Mean When Yours Fingers Are Numb & Tingly?. Numbness in the fingers accompanied by a tingling or "pins and needles" feeling is a symptom of a condition affecting either Swelling of the upper or lower lips, tongue or throat. Source:

  2. Marketta Reply:

    it means that you have probably had an allergic reaction to something..

  3. Merry Reply:

    I deleted the inappropriate entry to your question. I don’t have answers to your question, but we could all do without that. Source:

  4. Lezlie Reply:

    Well my tongue isn’t half numb, however if your tongue is half numb I would suggest you direct your question to a specialist IE Ear, Nose and Throat "ENT" or a *Neurologist (*specialist in neurological disorders). You have some form of issu… Source:

  5. Taylor Reply:

    It is hard for me to say why your tongue is numb. Perhaps you injured it by biting it. If you are on any medications, that could be the cause. If the problem persists, you should see your doctor to find the cause. Source:

  6. Jaime Reply:

    Blue Cheese and Numb Tongues: What is the science behind this phenomenon? I recently tried a Spanish blue cheese called Cabrales. A minute or so after the tasting, my tongue

  7. Dotty Reply:

    You should probably make an appointment with your doctor just to get it checked out! Its most likely nothing, but get it checked out just in case! Dont want anything harming you or your baby!Good luck!

  8. Kristel Reply:

    What does it mean when your right arm feels numb.? Could mean that you have pinched nerve. What can it mean if your tongue goes numb? It's going to fall off

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